San Jose Del Cabo

by lwsaville

This writing is to be the first blog post of my new and solo endeavors. To be honest I’d rather just get it over. There is a certain weight attributed to new beginnings and a blank page and the whole thing is less functional at it’s inception than it may eventually be.

The other day I got a haircut. Wild. I don’t even recognize myself when I see my reflection.

antes de


The neighbor Carlos and I have been debating back and forth as to whether it’s better to look scary or clean cut. Scary and people may not bother you too much, while clean cut they may be more likely to interact or help. In the end how many hairs I have on my head or how long those hairs happen to be probably doesn’t matter, but it’s nice to have a change and the new do’ will be cooler and less to worry about while I’m dirtbagging, although for the time being I’ve got to be careful about sunburns on bits of my skin that have been less than exposed and the physical dimensions of my head are distorted when I look at myself, my face seems squashed.

So let’s catch up. La Paz to San Jose Del Cabo mostly on dirt track over three and a half days. In San Jose I connected with a friend of a friend and have been enjoying the company of a little social circle and the brilliance of having a little place to stay (in one spot and under a roof) courtesy of Mark from Congress Park and the Dazbog crowd.

Allie and Anna


Everyday I wake up and make breakfast and start things off: check e-mail, finish something I worked on the night before, and maybe read a bit. A metallic creak at the distance of the road tells me that Carlos has arrived and surely enough there comes a knocking on the door (slightly different each time). Everyday he shakes my hand and asks how I’m doing, if the phone is working yet, and if I want to “go into the world” with him on his daily exploits. I always do because it means historical background on an area Carlos knows well, good company and funny anecdotes. I see more of the San Jose area this way and go to places that I’d have no reason otherwise to visit.

Sara (Carlos and Wendy's granddaughter)

Vicky (Carlos and Wendy's granddaughter)

Vicky (Carlos and Wendy's granddaughter)



Hammock Time

Almost before I’ve had the chance to realize I’ve ended up staying in San Jose Del Cabo for nearly two weeks. At first I had planned to spend only a few days. Baja has treated me very well but I cannot deny the itch to get moving again. Tomorrow I’ll leave towards La Paz yet again, with fingers crossed for a sailboat to mainland Mexico or, failing that, an expensive ferry ride.

Hasta pronto!