by lwsaville

Arriving in Bogotá we were lucky to have some friends of Heidi whom she had met on previous travels put us up. It was great not having to worry about finding a place or having to pay. Thusly we had a laid-back time (perhaps too laid-back as time would tell) checking out all our new gear, spending time together, wandering around sprawling Bogotá, and getting everything in order. We even got to break in the tent, camping in an empty luxurious house in the hills outside of the city (under a chandelier).

The bike fix was frustrating and ended up costing more than I had thought. The Phil Wood bottom bracket is special enough that there aren’t really easy fixes for it. In place of sending the piece back to Phil I opted to change out my cranks as well and went for one of the newer Shimano hollow crank systems, in the same whack giving me a a smaller granny gear for the upcoming climbs in the Andes.


Reunited. After about three months of my cycling through Central America and northern Colombia we meet up again in Bogotá!


Found a beer that doesn’t follow the mold of clear and generally tasteless.


Heidi expertly helps me measure out where I should punch the holes when lacing my brooks saddle that had gone a bit floppy.


And me taking the punch to the fine and generally sacred leather of my saddle.


Its terrifying when all the things inside my bags are out on display. Wiser cyclists travel lighter I’m told. Here I am attempting to add some organizational cardboard to my handlebar bag.


Bogotá knows not only how to encourage a bit of exercise with their ciclovias (blocking off large portions of city streets to cars allowing only the passage of people powered transport), but how to take advantage of them. They show up in droves even when the weather is grey (quite a frequent occurrence).


Heidi out taking advantage of the same, proving to me that yes, she actually does know how to ride a bicycle!


Quick snap.


Bogotá has more graffiti than I’ve ever seen in one city, both sanctioned and otherwise.


I think they sold spas or pool supplies in this building.


Driveway to the garage.


A political piece saying something like “mining is misery”.


Older faces pass the more recent wall art.


We even manage to catch a bit of the gay-pride parade. Some resemblance to the queen of salsa, Celia Cruz. Azúcar!


Heidi giving the bike it’s first ride with bags. Different but the same right?


A big thanks to Carlos and Diego for putting us up!


– Reunion with Heidi!

– A place to stay with our very own room with a bit of floor.

– Getting all the bike and gear stuff sorted.

-In all the excitement my stomach straightened out a bit.


– Getting all the bike and gear stuff sorted (isn’t it about the bits where you don’t have to think about the gear?).